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Timco Vinylester Styrene Free Resin

  • High bond strength with High load resistance
  • Used with all grades of threaded rod and rebar in accordance with TR029
  • Used in non-cracked and cracked concrete
  • Fast gelling and curing
  • Used in dry and wet concrete
  • Used in critical or overhead applications
  • Used in corrosive environments
  • ETA tested based on life of anchor 50 years
  • Used for elevated temperatures - temperature ranges I, II and III
  • Used for post installed rebar installations under TR029 and TR023
  • Low shrinkage enables large diameter installations
  • Close edge distance and small spacing
  • Manual cleaning up to 20mm diameter and embedment depths of 240mm
  • Independently tested and approved
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Multi-Fix Vinylester Styrene Free Resin is a 2 component high strength 10:1 ratio chemical anchoring resin system. It is designed as a fast curing high strength resin fixing anchor for very high loads and critical and overhead fixings especially in corrosive environments, or damp conditions. 

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