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Fix All FillsBonds Gun Grade

Fix All Fills & Bonds Gun is a gun applied ready to use single component self expanding polyurethane adhesive. The product has been developed for clean, efficient, economic and permanent bonding of insulation panels and lightweight decorative elements in wall and roof areas.

Enquire About This Product
  • Saving of up to 30% in working time.
  • Very good initial bond, even at low temperatures.
  • Economic in use due to precise application – sufficient for 12m² of roof insulation panels (3 beads per m²).
  • Suitable for vertical and horizontal applications.
  • Can be applied at temperatures as low as -5°C (temperature of aerosol can needs to be at least +5°C).
  • Excellent insulation characteristics, enhances performance of insulation panels when filling gaps (ca 0,036 W/(m∙K).
  • Remains flexible, does not become brittle.
  • Suitable for uneven surfaces as it fills cavities.
  • Limited post expansion, resulting in fast and precise installation of insulation panels.
  • Very wide adhesion spectrum: various types of boards such as plasterboard and dry lining, roofing, concrete, stone, brick, timber, various insulation panels and decorative elements based on PU, Polystyrene, Phenol resin foam, etc.
  • Compared to usual types of PU Roof adhesives and Dry lining or plasterboard adhesives, huge savings in space and weight.
  • Fast curing; 1 hour after application work can continue on flat roofs or boards can be plastered
  • Free of solvents.
  • Compatible with most types of paints, many solvents and chemical substrates.
  • Does not age or rot, but should not be exposed to UV radiation (cover with paint or plaster if necessary).

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